Sunnyvale Optometric Center

David Folkers O.D.

The Silicon Valley Exam TM

The Silicon Valley Refraction and Our Mission

After practicing in Silicon Valley for two decades, I've found that my patient's needs and my focus have swung together to become increasingly united.  As the demands of life and the screen time we each are exposed to increase and multiply between devices and desks and vehicles and phones, we all have to evolve in order to maintain a state free of strain and pain and headache, clear of vision, and full of good eye health and habits. Even the ways that I measure eye power and formulate eyeglass and contact lens and pre-surgical prescriptions bare little resemblance to the methods I was taught in my optometry schooling.

Over these years of working closely with my technology patients whose eyes and lives have been pushed to their limits, I have developed a treatment that relaxes, balances and enables the eye to be ready for measurement BEFORE the more traditional determination of refractive power takes place in the examination.  It is called "The Silicon Valley Refraction" TM.  Although it is unique, it is both simple and effective, and is quite intuitive once the goal is understood.  The goal is this: clear, strain-free vision with the least amount of power necessary to see slightly better than perfect ( - for eyes that have the organic and developmental ability to see perfect.)  I am currently positioning to share my work and this treatment with my colleagues and future generations of optometric students.  I believe that their patients will benefit profoundly from eye correction and work habits based on "The Silicon Valley Refraction," as have my own patients.

All this being said, for those who are our patients, we at Sunnyvale Optometric work hard to assess the base-line and continued state of your ocular development and binocular vision, anterior and posterior health, and of course, as mentioned above, the refractive status, tone, and balance of your eyes. For my patients who are found to be in need of advanced care for their eye health, I am in close referral relationship with many fine doctors who I believe to be some of the best eye specialists in the world, let alone the SF Bay Area.  Most of these fine professionals are accessible through traditional health care plans and HMOs so that your health care costs can be minimized.

I personally find stress, strain, and headache the most rewarding to go after.  At the end of the day, I want you to feel good and be able to go home pain free and happy to enjoy your life and friends and family.  A common analogy I share, "If you know that you must hike up the mountain every day, you might as well not do it wearing a backpack full of bricks!"  I want to help every patient feel like they have been able to take off their burdensome backpack of unnecessary and avoidable eyestrain.


Cheers, to your eye health and happiness,


Dr. Dave