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David Folkers O.D.

The Silicon Valley Exam TM

Hack # 1:  Taking Eye Breaks: Make More, From Less?!?
A quick example of how we can make a simple decision and physically change something that will have dramatic impact, and it applies to almost everyone!
We can drive/commute 1/2 hr to 2 hrs a day, but we can look at a computer monitor, laptop, tablet, phone, smart watch - not just at work, but at home? 8, 10, 12 hours? More?!
I think many people believe their brain is engaging when doing the later, but do you know that your eye focuses with muscles?! (Called the ciliary muscles)
Anything you look at within 20 feet, but especial three feet, your eyes are 'working out'!!
And if you're over forty...!!???
Would you ever curl a barbell at the gym for 3 hours straight?  You wouldn't even consider it, right?
You typically would do some repetitions, then put the weight down.
Do you look up from any screen you are working at during the day at least every 30 minutes, looking at least 30 feet away, for at least thirty seconds?
No phone or hard copy in your hands, just take a break.
30 feet, for 30 sec, every 30 min
If you don't, baby, you haven't stopped lifting that weight!
'But... how do I remember?'
Can you set your phone to chime every 1/2 hr?  Does you computer have a time stamp at the bottom where you can see '00' and '30' when they arrive at the top and middle of the hour?  Old fashioned clock on the wall with the minute hand up or down?
Drink water, next 1/2 hr .. Potty AND Eye break!
Make it a great 30 seconds: think about a friend, engage in conversation with a coworker, encourage someone. Do something cool / relaxing / fun / spiritual! that you look forward to for 30 seconds, but let your eyes do NOTHING!!
Just like our day dissolves into 'to-do' lists and non-stop work unless we start with a focus and some quiet time; our day can be all work, discomfort, and less productive when we don't give our eyes the quiet times they need.
Ever look up from a screened task and your vision is fuzzy?
Ever go home, or know someone who goes home, with a tight, grumpy feeling in the front of their head?
Is your vision at the end of the day fuzzy?
(And a proper eye exam and appropriate prescription :-)
Like all things, It'll take practice.
A 30 second break does not sound intimidating.
But in an 8 hr work day, (16) 30 second breaks ... That'll take some practice.
8 min. Total in a whole day, but it can change how you feel which in turn can change your life.
By doing slightly less, we get so much more.